The Computer Center
provides computer facilities and related services in support of academic, administrative, and community service. It aims at providing reliable, secured, and equitable access and use of its computing, networking, telephone, and information resources.
IT & Computer Services
  •  1. Computer Services
1.1 Laan-Daeng Computer Room
A number of computers with Internet, WIFI, printers, scanners, CD writers, stationery such paper cutters, staples, scissors, etc. are available 24 hours.
1.2 Klinic Room
The Computer Center and KMUTT Library has jointly launched Klinic (KMUTT’s Learning and Information Commons) on the 1st floor of the Library Building. The joint services include 79 computers, scanners, VDO, and printers. Klinic is divided into 5 zones and is available from
Monday - Friday
08.00 - 24.00
Saturday - Sunday
09.00 - 21.00
1.3 Bangkhuntien Computer Room
The Computer Center and KMUTT Library jointly provide 18 computers at the Library on the BKT campus (on the 2nd floor of the SoA+D Building). Office hours are 8.00 – 16.30.
  •  2. Internet Service
The Computer Center provides Internet services as follows
  • E-mail address: students will have their own e-mail address via the KMUTT google Apps for Education. Sign in here.
  • Account (login name): student will receive one on the first enrollment day.
0-2470-0999 = 300 lines
1222 = 200 lines ( TOT only )
  •  3. KMUTT Wireless LAN
Students can user their laptop/notebook computer everywhere on our WIFI campus. There are 244 access points installed in 19 main buildings at the Bangmod campus and 3 buildings at the Bangkhunthien campus.
  •  4. Examination and Registration Announcements
Students can check their examination and registration results via the Academic Information System (NewAcis). In addition, the university will announce examination results by SMS via students’ mobile numbers that they have given to the university.
In case of any problems or questions, please contact the Internet Service Center at the CC-Service Room, on the 2nd floor of CB-2, Phone: +66 2470 8261-2
The Computer Center
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