To have opportunities to increase academic knowledge and to be able to apply the knowledge
For their occupational and professional development, the student can enroll as a Non-Degree Student in courses or training courses that the university offers.
  1. A Non-Degree Student applies through, and Admissions Office will publish the announcement of eligibility students.
  2. A Non-Degree Student can keep the results of the evaluation of courses or training courses that he/she has enrolled for in the ‘Credit Bank’ for up to 5 years. The assessment and evaluation of courses or raining courses must be in accordance with he university’s regulations.
  3. After the completion of the study or the raining course, the Non-Degree Student will receive a transcript or a diploma certificate only, not a degree in any field.
  4. Education fee of a Non-Degree Student is as follows:
  • The credit fee must not be less than twice the credit fee that is specified in the curriculum.
  • Students must pay a deposit of 4,000 Baht per semester as a property damage protection charge.
  • The tuition fees for intensive courses and short courses of training shall be in accordance with the faculty’s announcement.
  • Other education fees shall be charged in accordance with the university announcement.
Application Procedure
Admission Calendar
  • Apply Period and Submit the documents: 
  • Announcement of the Eligibility Students: 
  • Enrollment Day: 
  • Last day of Enrollment: 
  • Opening semester: August, 2021
Available Faculty/ Major/ Course/ Credit Fee and Property Damage Security Deposit
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