KMUTT is all about academic excellence and energetic research culture in science, engineering and design.
Of course, classroom learning is only a means, but certainly not the end and that is why we foster a life-long learning approach into our innovative curriculum and learning environment.
We stand as one of Thailand’s 9 research universities but we come first regarding research publications per capita. The endless efforts put together in KMUTT think-tank ensure our strengths in multidisciplinary academic programmes.
KMUTT actively advocates the principle of diversity. We believe that all members of our KMUTT community should reflect diversity of gender, race, national origin, socio-economic background, urban and rural geographic origin, culture, ethnicity, disability, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Thus, we will equally treat everyone to ensure that diversity is maintained and further developed. KMUTT students’ common traits lie in their eagerness to make an impact to the society at large. Part of our science-based training is to instill acquisition of responsibilities onto generations to come.
Teaching and Learning Policy
With the aim of providing academic excellence to all students, KMUTT deploys several supports to develop students in all aspects through integrated activities and to ensure that our students face no difficulty during their study life. Such efforts include; (1) the development of the educational innovations such as teaching techniques which contribute to the Outcomes Based Education (OBE); (2) the development of the space and innovation ecosystem based on the principle that “Everywhere is for Learning. Every Time is learning. Everyone is Educator”; (3) the policy on faculty office hours which requires all faculty members to establish and keep regular office hours to their students for instruction-related support and advice at least 2 hours of in-person office hours per week for the duration of the semester in which the course is being taught.

This 52 acre campus is located on the west side of Bangkok, embraced with Bangkok Metropolitan Park and Youth Center.  It is the main campus of KMUTT. It houses Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology, School of Energy, Environment and Materials, School of Information Technology, School of Liberal Arts, the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment, Graduate School of Management and Innovation, Institute of Field Robotics, Institute for Scientific and Technological Research and Services, Computer Center and KMUTT Library.
It is 20 km away from the Ratburana Campus, with total area of 80 acres.  KMUTT in Bangkhuntien includes School of Architecture and Design, School of Bioresources and Technology, Pilot Plant Development and Training Institute and Industrial Park.
This is located in Ratchaburi province with total area of 460 acres. This site is highly suitable for teaching and learning, conducting research, providing academic services in the area, and disseminating knowledge about technology and arts. The campus can be developed into the country’s “Western Educational Park/Industrial Park”. A program in Information Technology has started since 1996.
KMUTT has designated the KX building to be the center for facilitating the exchanges of knowledge, technology, and innovation capability between, and among, KMUTT and its academic allies, forward-looking manufacturing enterprises especially SMEs in the strategic sectors, and public organizations, in order to elevate Thailand’s technological and innovation competency, while KMUTT’s faculties and students are granted with opportunities to gain experiences from “Real World” issues, and opportunities to work on real demand-driven researches.
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