Based upon a student’s academic program and the total number of credit hours accumulated at the start of the term.
Transfer Students
Applicant who would like to transfer some credits from your previous university to KMUTT. You have to follow the list below:
  • Applicants should have checked the admission timeline and entry requirements
  • Applicants apply via,
  • Applicants should have uploaded all the relevant documents
    Requirements :
    • High School Transcripts (Translated into English and get Certified by their own Embassy, or issue in English by their High School or the Equivalent Graduate School)
    • A signed photocopy of official identification document (I.D. card or passport)
    • One of 1 inch Photographs (Taken within 6 months prior to application)
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Portfolio (Certificates of Awards or Sample of your workpieces)
    • Report of English Proficiency Test from TOEFL or IELTS or CU-TEP or RMIT. Click to see more detail
    • Personal Statement of Motivation
    • Two letters of recommendation (Those documents can be used the school format and have to be directly sent by your school principal or your advisors to Admissions and Recruitment Office Email:
    • University Transcript which is including the subject and grade.
    • Course Description from your previous university which is a brief summary to the course: scope, purpose and material
  • The office will forward your documents to the school where the applicant would like to have further education.
  • Applicants may have the interview examination.
  • Applicants who get accepted the office will receive the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to do the student visa.
Note :
  • Students must transfer into the same program that students are studying in their original institution or into an equivalent program or have been approved by the Faculty Committee.
  • Students are currently studying in their original institution and have been studying for at least two semesters without any study leave.
  • Original institution courses that wish to be transferred must be graded not lower than C or 2.00 or equivalent.
  • Earned credits can be transferred for no more than half of the number of credits required by the curriculum.
  • Students must achieve a cumulative GPA not lower than 2.25 up to the date of application for transfer.
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
  • Official course descriptions or syllabus including credit hours, year level of study and description of course content including text(s) used will be required to assess your credits for transfer. A copy of both the original and a certified copy of the English translation (where applicable) is required.
  • The Registrar’s Office and the Dean of the faculty to which the student has been admitted shall have sole jurisdiction over the granting of transfer credit pursuant to the policy on Admission and Transfer.
Contact :
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